So you’ve chosen the perfect tile – a beautiful addition to your home’s atmosphere. But before the sledgehammer swings, consider this: improper installation can turn your vision into a frustrating DIY disaster zone. We’ve seen (and fixed) our fair share of mishaps.

Here are some common tile flooring installation mistakes to watch out for:

  1. Subpar Foundation

A level subfloor is the foundation for a perfect tile floor. Uneven surfaces lead to bumpy tiles, tripping hazards, and cracked tiles later on. Don’t risk a shaky start—ensure a solid base!

  1. Trouble With The Wrong Tile Adhesive

The wrong adhesive or improper application can cause tiles to loosen or detach. Imagine the frustration (and cost!) of a floor coming undone! We use high-quality adhesive specifically formulated for your chosen tile, ensuring a solid and lasting bond.

  1. Jigsaw Tile Floors

An unplanned layout leads to awkward cuts and uneven spacing, making your beautiful tiles look like a haphazard puzzle. Our professionals meticulously plan a stunning tile design for a balanced, clean finish.

  1. Grouting Gone Wrong

Improper grouting techniques can cause cracking, discoloration, or weak bonds, allowing moisture to seep in. Our experts use the proper techniques for a consistent, durable finish.

  1. Wrong Tile for the Job

Not all tiles are created equal—some aren’t suitable for high-traffic areas, for example. Using the wrong type of tiles for your needs may result in cracked or chipped tiles. Based on a needs analysis, we’ll help you choose the perfect tile material and thickness.

Don’t Let DIY Disaster Strike!

While DIY projects can be fun, some situations are best left to the professionals. Here’s when to call in the experts:

  • The project is big or complex, including intricate patterns, expansive areas, or diagonal layouts, and requires specialised skills and experience.
  • An uneven subfloor. Don’t risk a wobbly floor! Let our experts assess and level your subfloor for a long-lasting installation.
  • If you have limited DIY experience or are new to home improvement, tackling tile installation can be overwhelming. Our professionals can handle the heavy lifting and ensure a successful outcome.

Professional Tile Flooring Installation You Can Trust

At Cutting Edge Flooring, beautiful tile flooring installation should be a dream come true, not a source of stress. We offer free in-home consultations to discuss your project and provide expert advice on tile selection, design, and installation. Contact us today to create a classy, long-lasting floor that reflects your style!