Five Considerations for Choosing Retail Flooring

When choosing retail flooring, make sure to evaluate the five considerations so that you can make an informed decision so as not to make a mistake that cannot be corrected quickly and may add unnecessary cost in the end.

Modern Restaurant

The right retail floor conveys to right image for your business

With Retail Flooring, Image is everything

Have you ever gone into a retail space, and the first thing you notice is the flooring?  Right from the start, the opinions begin to form as to your acceptance of what the flooring looks like?  Is it distracting? Is it a clean space? Does it add to the aesthetic of the space? Does it add to the experience of the space? These are all questions that need to be answered as you consider what image you want to portray.  Image is everything to the buyer. You’ve heard the saying, “We eat with our eyes.” That is also true for the shopping experience.  We formulate opinions with what our eyes see, whether we know anything about the company or not.

Understanding Retail Flooring Products and their Durability

Understanding the unique requirements of retail flooring will enable the decision-maker to select flooring that is appealing, durable, easy to clean, and simple to install. There is a higher demand for creative flooring and design from the historically popular carpet, wood, or vinyl flooring choices. Do some research on newer selections such as LVT (Solid Vinyl Plank & Tile), Sheet Vinyl, Botanol Sheet Flooring, Rubber, and others. There are so many options available within each of these categories as well.

To ensure durability, the goal is to guarantee that the chosen materials do not exhibit symptoms of wear too soon. When making long-lasting impressions, it’s essential to exaggerate the durability requirements slightly. To protect the design presentation, the product must have an adequate wear layer. If the material used shows signs of wear at high-traffic areas or pivot points, the store’s image suffers.

Retail Flooring - Winery

High traffic areas have special considerations when it comes to flooring

Installation and Hygienic Considerations with Retail Flooring

While new construction may allow for more typical timelines, the challenge of replacing existing or damaged flooring in open facilities is at the top of the list for retail. This frequently necessitates the dismantling of store fixtures, removing any old floor coverings, floor preparation, installing new flooring, and the reassembly of the fixtures, all of which must be completed overnight or in a single day. The right “fast track” flooring products must be chosen to complete this task.

The term “clean” does not always imply “sterilized.” If the flooring in your industrial or commercial environment contains welds, seams, or is made of cloth, germs will be able to hide, thrive, and spread throughout the business. Find out how seamless flooring can help you lower your risk.

So in Review, these Five Considerations should be Considered when Choosing for Flooring for your Retail Location

  1. Image
  2. Product
  3. Durability
  4. Installation
  5. Hygienics

Keeping these things in the front of your mind will help you choose the right flooring for your next project that will meet all of your needs and expectations.