[INTERVIEW] Cutting Edge Flooring Moves to a New location

Cutting Edge Flooring moves to new location and expands showroom.  Interview with Cassie Baker

Cassie Baker, her husband Ben, and a specialized team of associates and installers, are moving Cutting Edge Flooring to a new location at the Prescott Gateway Mall.  In their new store, just down the sidewalk from their old store, they expanding their services to better meet the demands of the rapidly growing Prescott community.

Cutting Edge Flooring grew out of Ben’s custom tile and stone installation business.  Now in it’s 4th year, Cutting Edge Flooring is booming.  Today we sat down with Cassie Baker to hear about her success in the flooring industry.

Ben and Cassie Baker

You guys grew up in the Prescott Area.  It is exciting to see hometown folks build a growing business

Cassie – I’ve been in Prescott pretty much my whole life.  I met Ben at the Baptist church.  I went to college to get a teaching degree, but as soon as we had children, I decided to work part time for Ben’s installation company.  The kids are older now and a few years back we decided to open up a retail location to compliment the installation company.  That is how Cutting Edge started.

You mentioned your kids.  Tell me a little about them

Cassie – Our oldest Makenzie recently married and is pursing a degree in nursing.  She desires to work with children who are sick.  She wants to be a light in their lives when they are going through difficult times.  Jacob is a senior at Trinity Christian School.  After high school he would like to get the training he needs to be a fireman.

Cutting Edge Flooring Moves to New Showroom

What seems to set Cutting Edge apart from the big box stores in the area?

Cassie – It comes down to quality and service.  We had been sending clients out to purchase material from other stores.  We felt like we could offer better materials and better service if we opened a store that carried what Ben was installing.

We also wanted a local showroom to showcase both our flooring options as well as some of our cabinets, countertops, and remodeling products.    We are Prescott people and we are really committed to bringing our neighbors the highest level of service in every area of their flooring and tile experience.

It seems like buying from a local store has other advantages as well

Cassie –As small business owners, we understand the importance of doing business with other small businesses.  We really want to shop at places that benefit our friends and neighbors.

If you buy flooring with us and there is a problem, we are here.  We’ve been in business for nearly 20 years and we plan to be here for the long haul.  Plus, when you spend money at a locally owned business, the money stays here and is reinvested back into Prescott.

Cutting Edge Flooring Moves to New Showroom

Your growth has been amazing.  Cutting Edge Flooring moved to a new location.  Tell me about your new store.

Cassie –We were simply running out of room!  Our original location was very small and cramped.  We needed to be able to spread out and show more of our inventory.  We carry some of the finest products on the market and, with out partnership with Covenant Tile and Stone, we install tile in some of the most high-end homes in Prescott.

Do you only carry materials for high-end homes?

Cassie –Oh no! We have flooring options for every buyer and every budget.  We carry a wide selection of vinyl flooring that is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer.  We carry the most exclusive products for the custom homes in the area.  We really try to be able to serve the flooring needs of anyone who walks into the door.

We are also working hard to let people know that we do much more than floors.

What other services do you offer?

Cutting Edge also specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels.  We carry a wide selection of countertops and cabinets.  Our installation team has years of expertise with installing tile showers and tubs, tile backsplashes and fireplaces.  In our new store we are able to showcase more of these types of products.

Cutting Edge Flooring Moves to New Showroom

Cassie, I’ll give you the last word

Floors often get overlooked.  Contractors too often install flooring as an afterthought.  The reality is that you use your floors more than any other part of your house.  They are the most used and the hardest to replace.

When it is time to repair, upgrade or replace your flooring, your really need a team that has the products and the experience to do the job correctly.  We really want to help families in the area have beautiful spaces to live.

Lastly, I want to mention that I love my job and the Prescott community.  I can’t imagine living and working anywhere else.  Since I’m from here and we know so many people here, I cannot stress enough how important great customer service is to our team.

I go out of my way to keep out showroom as up-to-date as possible so we can best serve every one of our neighbors who walks into the door.  Stop on by!  I’d love to show you around!