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When it comes to flooring your home, natural hardwood may be the best option over other options. Hardwood never goes out of style, and many ceramic options are designed to look like it, adding to its timeless appeal. Installing hardwood floors is also simple, and because they are durable, you won’t have to worry about installing new floors for a long time. You only need to maintain them, which isn’t a time-consuming household task.

You can never go wrong with hardwood flooring, and at Cutting Edge, we make certain that you reap all of the benefits of selecting nature’s elegance over other options.

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Why Choose Hardwood Floors

Choosing hardwood floors over other options has some advantages, which include:

Elegant Design, Varied Styles, and Warmth

Hardwood floors come in several classy designs, colors, and grain patterns, and you are spoiled for options to enhance the beauty of your home’s floor. Whether you want a classic feel or something more contemporary, you’ll have several options to choose from. Additionally, they make your home feel warmer and maintain the ambient temperature across the seasons. Other flooring styles will be colder and more uncomfortable for the feet, forcing you to use underfloor heaters.


One of the most remarkable highlights of hardwood flooring is its durability. Solid wood floors can last up to 100 years without cracking due to the pressure of heavy items dropping on them or deterioration as the years go by. Excellent durability is the primary reason many homeowners opt for hardwood flooring. These hardwood floors never yield to pressure and will retain their elegant appeal after many years.

Low and Easy Maintenance 

Hardwood flooring requires little upkeep and is relatively simple to keep clean without feeling like a chore. You can vacuum, sweep, or steam-clean your wooden floor, and it will not easily trap dust or pet dander, allowing you to take days off from cleaning. They are also stain-resistant; clean up any spill, and they will fade quickly. Spills left on the wood floor, on the other hand, can damage the wood over time. Wipe up spills as soon as they occur, and your wood will be fine as usual.

Option to Refinish 

Hardwood floors won’t just remain sturdy for many years but also won’t decline in color quality or fade. However, you can always change the color and renew the glam of your solid wood floor anytime. Changing your interior décor design may also necessitate changing your floor color to harmonize with the overall appearance of your living space. In this case, you won’t have to replace your wood flooring. Refinish the wood to conform with your new decor style and color, which is more cost-effective than replacing the flooring.


Wooden floors are versatile for use in any space of your home. They are practically usable from the living room to the bedroom and kitchen. With the integration of technological innovations into wood manufacturing, many styles will fit any room in your home, including your bathroom. When you’ve got wooden floors, you won’t need separate tiles for your kitchen or bathroom.


Installing hardwood flooring is cheaper, whether for a new home or a remodel. There are several affordable options that beat the prices of floor tiles ranging from laminates to engineered woods. When you’re looking to cut costs on your flooring, you can always rely on wooden floors for durability and functionality.

Solid Wood or Engineered Wood? 

When you go for wood floors, you have two main options: a solid hardwood floor or engineered wood.

Solid wood is all-natural, can be refinished and sanded, and ranges between ¾” and ⅝” in thickness. It may not be practical for below-par basements because weather conditions may affect them.

On the other hand, engineered wood isn’t entirely wood but an overlay of premium-quality wood over several wood layers. This combination of many layers gives engineered wood a sturdy advantage over solid wood. It’s stronger, more resilient, and more durable, and it can be used on below-par basements or any part of the home. It comes in various thickness ranges and can be refinished or sanded a few times.

Hardwood Floor Installation 

When you’ve decided on hardwood flooring for your new or existing home, the next critical step is installation. Even if you know how to install hardwood floors using the tongue and groove flooring system through DIY lessons, perfecting the installation can be difficult. That is why you should leave the installation to the experts. They have the necessary experience, flooring materials such as wood putty and pneumatic floor nailers, and skill set to handle floor joists, among other intricate aspects of floor installation.

Improper installation can cause the hardwood floor to fail and crumble under the weight of heavy machinery or heavy foot traffic. You’d want to avoid that disaster by hiring only the most qualified professional to install hardwood floors.

When it comes to flooring, the type of wood you choose is also important. We recommend hardwood options such as oak, maple, cherry, and bamboo because they have proven to be durable and appropriate for high-traffic areas.

Cutting Edge Flooring can assist you in selecting the best hardwood floor options for your home. We choose the best because we want you to be able to enjoy nature’s beauty while also combining functionality, class, style, and durability in one product.

Cutting Edge Will Take Your Flooring to the Next Level 

Whether you intend to restyle your existing floor or outfit your new home with contemporary natural wooden floors, Cutting Edge Flooring will install hardwood floors for you and make it look so easy. We provide two main wood flooring options: premium hardwood and engineered wood.

When you contact us, we’ll provide a free quote, evaluate your home and budget, and help you decide which option will suit your home. We have an excellent installation team with years of experience installing hardwood floors.

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